Form 1 Bahasa Inggeris (assessment)

Study the picture below carefully and answer the questions that follow.
1. The scene above shows a
(A) park
(B) jungle
(C) beach
(D) cliff

Q.Ref - AF100239
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2. The following sentences are true except
(A) the people are sitting under an umbrella
(B) there is a storm coming
(C) there are people swimming

Q.Ref - AF100288
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Questions 1-7. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
3. What is the average length of a great white shark?
(A) 6 metres
(B) 20 metres
(C) 2500 feet
(D) 5000 pounds

Q.Ref - AF100288
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4. The great white shark is also known by the following names, except
(A) white pointer
(B) white shark
(C) white attacker
(D) white death

Q.Ref - AF100288
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5. What colours are on the back and the belly of the shark?
(A) grey, black
(B) grey, dark grey
(C) black, grey
(D) grey, white

Q.Ref - AF100288
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6. The following are the main diets of a great white shark except
(A) seals
(B) humans
(C) turtles
(D) dolphins

Q.Ref - AF100288
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7. How does a great white shark attack its prey?
(A) a surprise attack
(B) working together with other sharks
(C) by distracting its prey
(D) by charging towards its prey

Q.Ref - AF100288
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8. The sharks has _____ rows of teeth.
(A) 6
(B) 20
(C) many
(D) a few

Q.Ref - AF100288
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9. Which of the following sentence is true?
(A) great white sharks attacks whales for food
(B) great white sharks prefer to eat humans
(C) more people are killed by dogs than sharks
(D) more sharks kill people compared to dogs

Q.Ref - AF100289
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Questions 8-15. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
10. When was Proton established?
(A) 1995
(B) 1993
(C) 1988
(D) 1983

Q.Ref - AF1002122
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Pick out the nouns in the following sentence.

11. There is a cockroach in my room!
(A) There, room
(B) There, cockroach
(C) cockroach, room
(D) There, my

Q.Ref - AF1002251
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12. Of all three the dishes, this one is the ______.
(A) tasty
(B) tastier
(C) tastiest

Q.Ref - AF1002338
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13. They _____ the police when they saw the suspicious man.
(A) alert
(B) alerted
(C) will alert
(D) alerts

Q.Ref - AF1002387
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14. Mother has already ____ the clothes.
(A) wash
(B) washes
(C) washed
(D) washing

Q.Ref - AF1002439
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Choose the most suitable present continuos tense

15. Joel and Matthew _____ quickly now.
(A) were walking
(B) was walking
(C) is walking
(D) are walking


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